This little sheep will be a gift for a family friend who will be lending floral support for my wedding in October. She raises sheep and grows flowers. As of today there will not be any of the former at the event, although I’m beginning to reconsider due to extreme cuteness. There is something so sweet and calm about these animals that makes them seem wiser than their reputation might have you believe. I think their lesson for us would be: It’s all good!

The wooly hair is made the same way I made a Sculpey sheep many years ago. I was more proud of that sheep than of most things I’d made at that age, and I remember thinking that one day I’d like to find a way to remake the sheep in a more permanent medium. That first one had a real bell around its neck. This one is permanent! That’s a funny but applicable word for silver.

I might be a loon for starting this blog with the days-to-wedding countdown measurable as “dozens.” This is a realization I just had, which is why I’m distracting myself from the to-do list I can’t tackle at this hour with writing until I can sleep. Wired. The wedding planning process has been enjoyable and steady, but I think it’s time to hop to it. I’m unsure yet about when to put the shop on vacation. I have more orders than ever, including exciting custom ones that challenge me to problem solve. I have trouble putting it down!

So thank you. Bring it on!

Update: I found a photo of the first little sheep. I took this at Christmas when I was home in Portland. I dug out my oldest Sculpey guys. It was like a time capsule.

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3 thoughts on “Sheep!

  1. Beautiful pendant, a very thoughtful gift, especially as you made it. Don’t give up on the blog despite the scores of things you’ll also have to be doing with such an exciting event coming up – it will be lovely looking back at it after all the dust has settled. Enjoy the planning and the writing and good luck with the wedding!


    • Ana, what a kind note. I appreciate the support! I hadn’t thought about how the blog will be a nice record to have after things have calmed down but I think you are quite right. I am happy to be connected to you and look forward to seeing more of your work, which is quite beautiful!


  2. […] This has been a sheep-filled few weeks. I’m not sure when another Blue Dot piece has been so instantly as popular as this wooly pal! […]


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