Honey, Bees and Apples

Wedding honey

I’m thinking about honey today. I’ve just finished filling 100 little jars of honey for our wedding, which was a fun and sticky process. My mom found and shipped the honey from Portland so that we can have a sweet bit of Portland (in addition to my beautiful friends and family) at the event. The wedding will be so Brooklyn-filled otherwise, she pointed out. True, true! The woman who sold it to her was a little horrified at the prospect of us filling these mini jars by ourselves, so she gave my mom the tip that we should use a syrup serving container (like the ones found in a diner) and it worked quite well. It would have been a much more horrifyingly honey-covered project without that tool. The next step is to top the jars with bits of fabric and tie them with tags. I’ll post a photo of the finished product.

I also have bees on my mind because these were my project last night. I sell more of them in the fall than any other time.

Blue Dot Hive & Bee necklace

It makes sense, as bees remind me of autumn, apple picking and apple cider — hard or otherwise! You too? I’m glad this time of year has arrived. I’m ready for hunkering down inside with a sweater and hot mug of tea while rain beats against the windows. Reminds me of the Portland of my childhood.

Just a few more photos. These are from when we went apple picking last year at the lovely upstate Applewood Orchards. We’re itching to go back. How peaceful their farm is. They have cider, honey, local produce, pumpkins and goats!

Applewood Orchards

Apple picking at Applewood

Last one

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2 thoughts on “Honey, Bees and Apples

  1. seapunk2 says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your style! Very happy to see you! Great ideas, creative and so sweet! 😉 Darylann


  2. Thanks for saying so! I’m happy to be connected. I enjoyed looking through your photos very much. Nature!


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