Exploring Dead Horse Bay (More Fun Than It Sounds!)

Path to the beach

For years I’ve only known of this area by its bleak name, and its history as the location of several horse rendering plants, and then as a late 19th-century trash dump. I had no interest in visiting.

However, the dump has begun to resurface, bringing glass, ceramics and other treasures to the tide’s edge. We learned this through an article that Arthur stumbled upon earlier this week. It inspired us to take a de-stressing day trip down to see what we might find.

The bay is simple to access, just to the west of Floyd Bennett Field, via the Q35 bus. We walked another half mile past the bus stop, along the road and then through a stretch of lush dunes, to find the beach. It’s unmistakable. I’ve never see a beach strewn with so much stuff.

Much of what is there is just trash, but more than anything there is glass, in every color and shape. Some old bottles and some new. It was clear that things had been combed through by those before us, but we had fun toeing every glass bottle and jar that looked like it might be intact. (Be advised, there are still horse bones among the mix, yeesh, and we saw quite a few dead horseshoe crabs.)

My ulterior motive was to find pretty patterns that I could use in photographing my jewelry, and I did find a few tiny porcelain fragments that I’m looking forward to working with.

It was a beautiful day. We only saw one other couple doing what we were doing.

This is our haul, a slice of Americana. Among them: an Omega Oil bottle, a Whitehall medicine bottle, a Waterman ink bottle.

Our finds

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7 thoughts on “Exploring Dead Horse Bay (More Fun Than It Sounds!)

  1. Jody says:

    Very interesting. Thanks so much for the post and photos!


  2. Stephen says:

    Fantastic! Lots of sea glass up here in Victoria, but never the whole bottle.


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