Upstate Appleversary, With a Pooey Ending, but That Happens Sometimes

We’ve been making a concerted effort to not let our stress best us, and our method has been to close our computers and go outside. Yesterday we undertook our annual apple picking anniversary adventure. We asked the Internet which local apple orchard would be fun for this weekend and settled on Lawrence Farms Orchards in Newburgh, NY.

The drive up in the Zipcar convertible was a little chillier than last year (please fall, stay warm until our wedding!), but the farm itself was charming and sunny, and quite popular. This place has regulars. Bunches and bunches of kids in bouncing red wagons (cleverly rented out by the farm). They have corn, cabbage and many varieties of apples, although by this weekend there were already several rows of trees with no fruit left.

We ventured off away from the crowds, and as it turned out, the venturing about was our favorite part of the farm. The grounds are quite attractive. The farm is on a hill above a valley that can be properly described as sloped and sweeping. The Hudson River is just below out of sight and we agreed the hills on the farm itself would be perfect for sledding.

Because we had trouble finding what was left of the u-pick apples, we wound up doing some off-road picking.

There was an abundance of non-cultivated plant life.

Arthur kindly helped a little girl who wanted one particular shiny red apple that was more or less in the middle of a tree. It was difficult, and there were thorns. What a guy.

There was a split pea soup lake! (filled with bobbing apples!).

There had been deer.

They also have u-pick purple grapes. Concord grapes taste so… purple. Frankly, they were a little icky, much too snotty in texture for my liking. A good taste in the skins, though.

I wore my new leaf earrings for the day and am happy to report that they are convertible-proof. Leaf earrings coming soon to the shop!

And… just before we turned for home, two hours out, the convertible top broke in the down position! After failing to fix it, we drove back to Brooklyn as the sun was setting, in the wind, with the car dinging that the roof was loose whenever we were moving over 20 miles per hour. Which was almost the whole way. We cranked the seat warmers and huddled behind the windshield and listened to scratchy rock stations as loud as possible to drown out the dinging. What a test of patience! And we arrived pretty much ok. Ain’t that love 🙂 Happy two years honey!

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