Mooning with My Honey in Kauai … A Few Photos of Paradise

We got married! And we spent a week in Kauai! Both experiences were more than we imagined they could be. Our wedding was a sincerely special day, the highlights of which are still washing over us. As so many people warned us, the day did go too fast. We would have liked hours more to spend with our friends and family. But we loved it. And the help of many people made it true. And now… we’re married. How about that.

This is neither a blog about marriage or travel, but our week on Kauai was so beautiful and adventureful that I wanted to share a few photos. (A few turned into quite a few, forgive me.)

This island, the oldest and fourth largest of Hawaii, is a diverse spot. The center of the island is one of the wettest places on Earth. On nearly every beach we found, the view across the bay or at our backs was one of leafy, sheer cliffs or tall green peaks shrouded in mist. (Before you go, I recommend watching Jurassic Park! I’m glad I did.) One fun part is the chickens — they are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Hurricane Iniki, a devastation that slammed Kauai in 1992, scattered the chickens across the island and they appear to have done very well as wild critters.

(On a teensy note about jewelry, I’m excited to create some of the Pacific-inspired designs bouncing around my head. A week away from the work desk might just be the best thing for creativity.)


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11 thoughts on “Mooning with My Honey in Kauai … A Few Photos of Paradise

  1. Jess Goodwin says:

    Are those black things jellyfish in the tidal pools pic?


  2. Congratulations! And beautiful pictures!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  3. Jody says:

    Yay! All the best to both of you!


  4. […] Hou Ke Aloha” means “Let us fall in love all over again.” Seeing the beautiful photos Caitlin M. posted on her blog (Blue Dot Jewelry) made me fall in love with Kaua’i all over […]


  5. Stephen says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! I’m envious…


  6. Coreen says:

    Congratulations! Lovely photo’s thank you for sharing.


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