Tools or Jewels?

I came across this quote yesterday.

It made me think, hmm, yes, I definitely use my nails as tools, and I’m not sure it’ll ever be another way.

As part of a recent celebratory weekend, I was treated to a manicure and pedicure by some of my favorite people. It was my first manicure, I realized with some surprise. New York is such a manicured city that I’d somehow forgotten I’d never partaken myself. I’m sure there’s a word for that…

But I loved it! I kept looking at my hands. So pretty! I thought. I look like a professional adult! I thought. And it’s affordable enough that maybe I’ll do this more often. (Really though, some places just $7?)


Then I was back at my jewelry work desk. Dun dun dun. Manicure wrecked posthaste.

It was a good reminder that my hands are my most important tools, and tools don’t need a pretty coat of paint. Roughed up nails means I’m in business.

I do still think, as my mom patiently drilled into our heads, that teeth are not to be treated as tools. But sorry Essie, I’m out on this one.

I got another manicure for the wedding, and when that comes off, I think I’ll call it good for awhile. I’ll settle for being a professional adult in more bona fide ways, although I do actually, weirdly, think I’ll miss it having them done.

Do you, fellow crafters, ever go in for fancy nails?


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8 thoughts on “Tools or Jewels?

  1. On mother/daughter nights we like to do our nails – but otherwise I don’t since they will just get wrecked when I go out in the garden… But it sure is fun to look down at pretty nails! My one bottle of nail polish has lasted over 13 years so far.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. I didn’t realize that was your first manicure! Yay! I was part of that!! 🙂 I can’t keep a manicure longer than 3 days at most. Between washing hair and dishes and everything else, it just chips away so easily. So I find a regular manicure to be a waste. But sometimes I’ll get one if it’s a special occasion.


  3. I laughed when I read this quote because I have come to accept that my nails too may most often be noticed with contempt by normal adult women. There’s just no way to have beautiful nails (all the time) if you’re a metalsmith lol. And like you, I’ve come to terms with the idea that I’ll just have to be a “normal” professional/adult in other ways 😉


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