A New Heart, and Gratitude After Sandy

We’ve had quite a week here in NYC. It’s hard to find words for the life-changing news that we’re still hearing from devastated coastal neighborhoods in the wake of Sandy.

Our neighborhood was spared. We have power and water, and stores around us are reopening. These resources have risen to the forefront of our consciousness, where they don’t normally dwell. We are reminded how fortunate and comfortable our lives are.

Today the city feels a little smaller, a little more vulnerable. And a little more united.

This week, while at home, I created a few new designs. This is one of them, a rustic heart with imperfect lines. I also made an open heart, like my winged heart but without the wings, and a little more substantial. The holidays are nearly upon us. Hearts seemed like a much needed addition to Blue Dot.

In the month of November, 10% of Blue Dot sales will be donated to the American Red Cross. Our hearts are with those dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Hoping for a speedy recovery, and grateful for the men and woman who will be doing that hard work.

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4 thoughts on “A New Heart, and Gratitude After Sandy

  1. Cynthia says:

    you rock! ❤


  2. nruit says:

    So glad that you are safe in NYC. It’s also very generous of you to donate to the Red Cross from your sales. Your work is lovely!


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