A Tiny Octopus

Over the weekend, I was madly producing in preparation for the Brooklyn Museum Holiday Trunk Show (yay! stress!) when this design came to me. (Distractable, who me? Never.)

I have a slight fear of octopi, but I also find them fascinating. By turning them into a little critter with curly ribbon legs, I’m not afraid!

Also, get this:

Octopi, the supposed plural of octopus, is a favorite among fans of quirky words. But though it pains us to point this out, octopi is not etymologically correct. Octopus is of Greek, not Latin, origin, so its archaic plural would be octopodes, not octopi.

… Countless long-established Greek- and Latin-derived words are pluralized according to modern English conventions, and there’s no reason why octopus should be an exception. Octopuses is fine. [Credit.]

Surprising but logical, although I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to speak the word octopuses and take myself seriously. I think I prefer octopodes!

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2 thoughts on “A Tiny Octopus

  1. Nice job Caito! Adorbs!


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