Brooklyn Museum Sale

Brooklyn Museum Sale 12:9
What a weekend! I was invited to have a table at Brooklyn Museum’s holiday trunk sale during their member discount shopping day, this past Sunday. I had a lovely table just inside the entrance of the museum’s beautiful gift shop.

Let me tell you… I had to sit on my hands to not go shopping crazy. They’ve done a really nice job with that store. And I felt so honored to be there a part of it.

It was wonderful to talk to the members and non-members alike who were there to shop. So many Brooklynites are interested in supporting handcrafters and artists and shopping local. It’s heartwarming.

I also talked to people about the process of using silver clay. Not one person said they already knew about silver clay. I’m changing that little by little! And people seemed to think it was pretty interesting.

The silver leaves I created for this sale will soon be available on Blue Dot at large. It was last January that I first made silver leaves during my silver clay certification class, from a potted geranium in Vera Lightstone’s (totally unreal) studio space. Now I make leaves of foliage from Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Here is a peek of leaves in progress during the past few weeks. It must be done quickly and carefully, because there is no repairing a cracked, unfired leaf.

Silver leaves in progress for museumSilver for museum

P.S. My table was across from children’s book author Selina Alko’s, who was signing her adorable and beautifully illustrated B is for Brooklyn. My goodness it’s so cute, I wanted to pick up one for everyone I know.

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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Museum Sale

  1. That must have been exciting! I like those leaves. I find it so interesting.


  2. It was quite exciting! Thank you. I really love working with the leaves.


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