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Work in Progress: Tiny Friends

Woodland faces
My little sister is in town for a few days. (The best!) Yesterday morning, while she adjusted to the end of term and time change, I started on a project I’ve had in mind for ages: animal faces.

I started with these four because I’ve had a lifelong love for pigs, loved a bunny named Sam through my growing-up years, and think deer and foxes are beautiful.

They will be post earrings and tiny pendants. The pig, of course, will also be available with wings!

Last night I brought my sisters and the men to this wacky loud restaurant called Carmine’s for dinner because the plates are huge and they’ll make anything gluten free. I’m still full this morning! I do recommend it though, especially if you’re gluten free. Take friends or you’ll have pasta for days. (We have leftovers on tonight’s menu.) Spending time with favorite people is revitalizing!

Happy Saturday to you!

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Nature in the City: The First Leaf Ring is Here!

As I’ve mentioned, I am developing a line of rings for Blue Dot. I’d like to introduce you to the first – the Woodside Leaf Ring, all silver and made from a real leaf. It’s available in size 6, although I can make it to any half or whole sizes.

I wore this ring into the city yesterday. I loved seeing the bit of nature sparkle on my hand (it does catch the light so nicely) amid the grey, grey cityscape of lower Manhattan. Nature in the city – we find little ways to make it work!

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Lights, Camera, Illustration!

This post is a little premature, but I’m excited to see something special coming to life.

My sister is a talented illustrator. (I’m not biased! I swear!) She has been drawing since she could properly manage a pen, and her style has evolved so sweetly – she makes prints and card sets with endless personality.

She is now preparing to open a shop – in pursuit of the work-art-life balance, the creative sustainability we all hope to achieve. (I know you know what I mean!) I’m proud of her.

We used yesterday’s perfect afternoon light to photograph her illustrations. It was much different photographing paper goods than reflective silver jewelry – fewer variables by far. We made good time, and were quickly rewarding ourselves with a pint!

This is a funny piece of Maura’s from December.

I’ll share again when the shop has come into being.

I hope you had a festive St. Patrick’s Day!

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Spring Means Rings! (Say That Ten Times Fast)

I’m making RINGS today! Can’t wait to share these new designs.

Here’s a peek of what’s on my desk…Blue Dot Jewelry work desk

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Essentials of Life

20130313-212654.jpg I’m sharing this sweet post from the new FOLK Magazine.¬†There are a lot of quotes swirling out there, but this struck me in its simplicity. Does this cover the essentials for you? Anything you would substitute or add?

(I haven’t seen FOLK magazine in person, but by all photographic evidence, it’s worth looking into. Handmade goodness, baby farm animals, general heathery outdoor beauty…)

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Kids and Cows at Rockland Living Museum

We spent a quiet day with new friends in Nyack on Sunday, a half hour drive up the Hudson out of the city. It was fun to learn how diverse and creative the Nyack community is. Their public library is beautiful! I wanted to take an hour or five and curl up in a cozy chair with a book, any book, so I could sit in front of the picture windows overlooking the river.

The RLM was having an opening, and the many kids there were loving running circles through the funky sculpture garden. (See the giant snowball attack about to happen in the background?) I’m not sure of the symbolism of the cows, but they were hard to miss!

I hope you are all finding your way through this week after daylight savings. I feel like I’ve been more affected by it this year than in years past. Blink blink, I swear I’m listening. Not quite, but almost. What is the reasoning for the change, again?

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The Slightly Snowy Day

We had the littlest, loveliest amount of snow here this morning.

Now, it’s slush and drips and the kind of deep invisible curbside puddles that will drench the socks of the less vigilant. But, no wind… no complaints!


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All Dressed Up and Staying In: Photoshoot!

And by dressed up, I mean cleaned up my work desk to a level it rarely sees to prepare it for its moment in the limelight!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming in a team from, who came to document the work life of a real Wix user… yours truly! I built using Wix and they picked it out of the bunch for a feature (and I’m under no obligation to say this, but they made website building easy).

The crew was over from Israel for the week (it’s an Israel-based company) and they were as sweet and professional as can be. I know they’ll do a wonderful job in presenting this series, and I’m grateful for an opportunity so out of the ordinary!

In all the hubbub I forgot to turn a camera back on them, the stylish crew bundled in my studio, so instead this is a photo of my workspace the next morning, only slightly more cluttered than it had been.

I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend, Deborah of The Food Yogi, for being part of the day here with us. Time spent with her is a treat!

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{Sneak Peek} New to Artifacts Collection: Arrowheads!

Blue Dot Jewelry Arrowhead PendantsWe’ve been busy, inside, buckled down. I’m SO excited to now share these new additions to our shop. I love how each one is different. They also feel great to the touch, smooth and sharp (but not too sharp). All three arrowhead styles available here soon!

I’m also proud to say we are working on our first silver clay videos. It’s been a trick to work out the logistics of taping while working, but a blast to learn how to edit!

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