Kids and Cows at Rockland Living Museum

We spent a quiet day with new friends in Nyack on Sunday, a half hour drive up the Hudson out of the city. It was fun to learn how diverse and creative the Nyack community is. Their public library is beautiful! I wanted to take an hour or five and curl up in a cozy chair with a book, any book, so I could sit in front of the picture windows overlooking the river.

The RLM was having an opening, and the many kids there were loving running circles through the funky sculpture garden. (See the giant snowball attack about to happen in the background?) I’m not sure of the symbolism of the cows, but they were hard to miss!

I hope you are all finding your way through this week after daylight savings. I feel like I’ve been more affected by it this year than in years past. Blink blink, I swear I’m listening. Not quite, but almost. What is the reasoning for the change, again?

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2 thoughts on “Kids and Cows at Rockland Living Museum

  1. I agree! I wasn’t ready for the change and we wound up staying up until 3 AM Monday morning because we were trying to catch up with the lost hour. Glad you liked Nyack. My mom lived there for a year or so while she was in high school. My great-aunt still lives there. It’s really pretty.


    • Oh, I didn’t know that! It is really pretty. I liked the little shops along Broadway, and I was surprise how short of a drive it was out of the city. I’m revising that very silly perspective that everything north of Manhattan is “upstate.”

      It’s hard not to stay up too late. We’ve pretty much been doing the same thing.


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