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Blue Dot Loves Fuego 718

20130426-200523.jpgI went to visit Fuego 718 on Friday. There is Blue Dot Jewelry, and beautifully displayed!

For New Yorkers… this is an A-MAZING store in Williamsburg full of gifts from around the world. It’s the kind of place where you are almost guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list. The store is almost 10 years old and it shows – there are things on every level including hanging from the ceiling across the front half of the store. As you move to the back, it becomes a little more tranquil, with marvelous books and paper goods, and whimsical funny things I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s a good place to shop for someone when you’re not quite sure what you are looking for.


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Octopus and Diamonds

Blue Dot Jewelry Octopus Ring with diamonds
In keeping with the sea animals theme, here is another in the series of rings from the deep. This octo-friend has three tiny cz diamonds under its arms!

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Silver Sperm Whale

This project was boatloads of fun. The client requested a delicate sperm whale ring for a friend with very small hands.

The photos of sperm whales I collected for research had me mesmerized. I’ve pleased the client, which is goal numero uno, but I don’t know that a ring could ever capture this creature in all its majesty!

However, have you ever seen a photo of sperm whales from the bottom, with their tiny, thin mouths? So funny! Nature seems to have all the possible varieties.

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Earth Day is Every Day! And Spring is Here.


“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

How happy that the trees are starting to bloom! We recently went for a jaunt in the park, and despite a persistent chilly breeze (be gone already, s’il vous plait) the direct sunlight was warm enough to bring us back to life.

Sun! Finally!

This time we walked up a path in the northwest corner of Prospect Park. We found this great fallen tree with green and purple slate-like rocks among its roots. I collected twigs for creating stacked rings. I considered the fractal symmetry of this lichen. And we counted the rings of a tree. I guessed 105 years. It was 145  – almost exactly the amount of time since the park opened. There were some lean years in there. So many things this tree would have seen, since the days of horse drawn carriages!



And my favorite magnificent tree. Happy Earth Day!


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The Charlotte Rings

Blue Dot Stone Ring; Custom silver jewelry, rings made of natureThis weekend I’ve been working on deliveries for two Brooklyn stores that will soon carry Blue Dot Jewelry. I admire both of these stores very much and am so excited to be included. Both are destinations for gift buying in their respective neighborhoods and full of handmade beauties. More on this to come.

In addition to the above projects, I also sat down with my Charlotte finds, eager to turn my visions into reality. I present to you the Charlotte rings!Blue Dot Stone Ring; Silver rings made from nature Blue Dot Jewelry Stone Ring; Rings made of stones Blue Dot Stone Ring Blue Dot Stone Ring

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Loving an Old Time General Store in Charlotte

This weekend, while we were in Charlotte for Easter, my sister-in-law took us on a tour to see the neighboring farms. Their southern spring comes a little earlier than ours, and spring means baby animals!

We did see lambs and calves, but we were most taken with this amazing general store, which has been standing since 1908 and is still run by the same family. A peek in the windows had us drooling for time to run about in the dusty aisles, but the hours of operation are a bit erratic and it was closed. So we had our fill of taking photos of the outside, and of the building next to it, from where home goods are said to be sold. Notice the rusty, lovely old details.

This is from the store’s own website:

Until the 1920’s, all of the goods in the Davis Brothers General Store were delivered by rail. Before 1894, when the Southern Railroad was formed, the track through Croft was owned by the Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad (A. T. & O.). The A.T. & O. Railroad became the spine along which commercial and industrial development occurred in northern Mecklenburg County during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Croft District is, as a whole, representative of the time when Mecklenburg was still largely rural, and when a significant part of its economy was based on agriculture. During this time, country merchants, such as the Davis brothers, acted as suppliers, middlemen, and bankers to area farmers. In keeping with the patterns of life in rural North Carolina in the early years of this century, Saturday was the busiest day in Croft. Farmers would bring their cotton for ginning and for shipment on the railroad to markets near and far away. During the week, a boxcar filled with large bags of items such as sugar, flour and fertilizer would have arrived on the siding in front of the Davis Brothers General Store. The farmers would load their wagons directly from the boxcar.

The Davis Brothers sold wagons, harnesses, shovels, rakes, hoes and other general farm supplies. Groceries were also available. One could buy canned fruits and vegetables, chewing tobacco, cigars, snuff and coffee. The brothers had a cotton gin to process bales for local farmers. Part of the cotton ginned by the Davis brothers was sold directly to area mills and cotton brokers, and could be distributed to these customers easily by train.

It’s fun to think about such a different time and place. Thanks for taking us out, Cyn!

On our drive I collected rocks that I plan to using in making rings. I can’t wait to get back to my work desk.

K. found some little bits, too.

I hope you had a happy weekend!

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