Earth Day is Every Day! And Spring is Here.


“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

How happy that the trees are starting to bloom! We recently went for a jaunt in the park, and despite a persistent chilly breeze (be gone already, s’il vous plait) the direct sunlight was warm enough to bring us back to life.

Sun! Finally!

This time we walked up a path in the northwest corner of Prospect Park. We found this great fallen tree with green and purple slate-like rocks among its roots. I collected twigs for creating stacked rings. I considered the fractal symmetry of this lichen. And we counted the rings of a tree. I guessed 105 years. It was 145  – almost exactly the amount of time since the park opened. There were some lean years in there. So many things this tree would have seen, since the days of horse drawn carriages!



And my favorite magnificent tree. Happy Earth Day!


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2 thoughts on “Earth Day is Every Day! And Spring is Here.

  1. I love these pictures you discover so much by looking at what’s around you


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