These Blossoms!

Sakura by Blue Dot Jewelry

Every morning when I step out of our Brooklyn building I feel uplifted by the sight of crisp, pink cherry blossoms. They are so pretty, and they bloomed so fast. I think I’m still adjusting to not seeing bare, winter-esque branches. I really would love to be weightless for just a minute to roll around in these petals.

I think I said this last part out loud to my husband, and he may have given me “whatever floats your boat” side eyes. Yes, yes. I’ll keep dreaming!

This photo is of a different tree, near the fountain in City Hall Park. As I took it, I heard someone say, Look at the beautiful sakura! And his friend replied, Exquisite!


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2 thoughts on “These Blossoms!

  1. YourHobby says:

    Lovely colours, thanks for posting, Graham, YourHobby…..


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