Hardest Hike I’ve Ever Done

Breakneck RidgeI’m not an avid hiker, for the record. I do like long nature walks, but usually the horizontal variety. This is different. Breakneck Ridge is so steep and rocky in parts that you have to consider the next several spots you’ll place your feet before taking another step. You have to consider your route up, and often it involved, for me, finding handholds, too. But it also means you have route options, so each time we’ve gone up it’s felt like a slightly different hike, and variety helps motivate!

Yesterday was hot — I know some of you felt this, too. But the view there of the Hudson River is spectacular, and that’s the reason to keep climbing.

Cold Spring turquoiseFor those of you in the NYC area, this hike is between Beacon and Cold Spring, lovely towns. We’re especially fond of the latter’s Main Street (and its abundant antique stores).

I only collected a few leaves for making jewelry — I needed my hands for other things! — but afterward I bought a pretty little piece of turquoise at this great Cold Spring bead store.

I hope you had a safe, happy Fourth!

Breakneck Ridge

View from Breakneck Ridge

View from Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck view

I love you to the moon and back, at Breakneck Ridge

We saw this little gem on a table outside an antique store on Main Street, Cold Spring:

Vintage photos for sale in Cold Spring

And this, too:

Flowers in Cold Spring

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6 thoughts on “Hardest Hike I’ve Ever Done

  1. Genevieve Rollin says:

    Some really nice photos of the scenery. I, too, am not fond of hikes. My problem is more the bugs than the height. Anyway I am glad you guys enjoyed the scenery and are making some nice memories to look back on. Love Mom Rollin


  2. gavmomof2 says:

    What a beautiful hike. And it looks like you had the perfect weather too! Unlike here, where we are considering building an Ark ;/ ~maria


  3. Hi Caitlin, gorgeous photos! I lived in the Hudson Valley for several years while studying metals/jewelry and spent many summer weekends hanging out in Cold Spring. I loved it there; your lovely photos take me back! Very nice blog you have going here.


    • Hi Patricia, thank you so much! It’s beautiful up there, what a lovely place to study and work. Cold Spring has turned into our favorite day-escape from the city, but I’m sure there are other great places nearby that we haven’t discovered yet. Thanks for the note and I’m glad to know about your blog!


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