Introducing the Minis: Necklace Charms


These are little necklace charms. I plan to grow this line as far as makes good sense. I love each charm’s size, and feel, and personality. One or two can be added per chain.

What else would you like to see here? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Additionally I want to thank all of you who voted for my rings in the UncommonGoods design challenge. I did not win, although I was one of the top five final contenders who moved on to the judges round. It was a great experience. My sincere appreciation goes out to all of you who gave your time and support!

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8 thoughts on “Introducing the Minis: Necklace Charms

  1. I absolutely love the Fleur de lis charm! While I’ve never personally made a Claddagh image in my jewelry – I’m pretty sure that would also be a popular favorite. And congrats on making up til the very end of the design challenge!


  2. littlekoo says:

    I think the balloon is my favourite! What about a paw print, a musical note or a heart? How big are the charms?


  3. Love these, especially that hot air balloon! Yes, I was going to say paw print, too! What about a cross? Eiffel Tower? Lock & key? intertwined wedding rings? baby rattle? starfish or seashell? Hope these help : )


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