Fresh Beginnings: Springtime and Jewelry

Silver Maple Helicopter NecklaceHello! I’m happy to be making a post here after five months of blog hibernation.

With the official beginning of spring last week, I made a big decision. It is something I could not have done alone (hugs and thank you to my family), but one that feels right: I will now be working on Blue Dot full time, at least for the moment. With more time (and springtime!) ahead, I’m excited to see what I can accomplish.

Supporting myself with jewelry is a milestone I dreamed of reaching, but it was previously difficult to see just when those stars might align. I’m happy and grateful. To each purchaser of my work, and to those who choose to buy the work of any independent artist, I want to say, your choices make a difference! Thank you.

Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on this winter.

This first item was quite special, a custom order of four bronze mandolin bolo ties, the smallest to be a birthday gift for a five year old, with a matching tie for his father, grandfather and great grandfather:

Mandolin Bolo Tie in Silver

Mandolin Bolo Tie in Silver, Modeled

A three dimensional antler necklace:

Silver Antler Necklace, Antiqued

Silver Antler Necklace, Antiqued

A ruby ring, made with a delicate leaf I found in Portland, OR:

Silver Berry Ring, With Ruby

Silver Berry Ring with Ruby

A sputnik urchin necklace, which re-inspired my deep respect for the intricacies of sea life:

Silver Sputnik Urchin Necklace

This little face, made in the likeness of a rabbit named Poe:

Silver Rabbit Necklace

And just recently, this fun commission from my sister for a child she cares for, a three year old girl who loves pink and princesses. That’s a pink sapphire in the center:

Silver Crown Necklace


Also, Lee Havlicek on Handful of Salt magazine wrote this thorough and extremely kind profile of Blue Dot Jewelry that tells a bit about how I work and what Blue Dot is about.

Happy spring wishes to you!

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9 thoughts on “Fresh Beginnings: Springtime and Jewelry

  1. littlekoo says:

    Wow congratulations on going full time! That’s very exciting! Your jewellery is so lovely, I don’t think I could pick a favourite from the pics above… hmmm well that rabbit is incredibly cute…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CUP + PENNY says:

    I love the top necklace pictured so much!


  3. Congrats Caitlin and much success to you! I love that silver leaf and ruby ring design! Welcome back also – you were missed!


  4. Anami Blog says:

    Good luck Caitlin, wishing you endless success and fulfillment. Love the first necklace, not sure about the name of the tree it comes from, but when autumn comes I love throw it in the air and watch it descending like a tiny propeller.


    • They are from maple trees! I’ve heard a few different names for them, including maple key and whirligig, but I think they are officially ‘samara’. I also loved throwing them, and sticking them on my nose. Thank you so much! x


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