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A First: Photoshoot with a Model

I am lucky in that I have two sisters. They are two of the most wonderful people I know. One lives up the street from us in Brooklyn, which, considering the size of this city and the independent routes we took to come to be neighbors, is a bit remarkable. It also makes me trés happy.

Which is all to say, when I landed on the idea of a lifestyle photoshoot to highlight some of my designs, my beautiful sister was my go-to model. By a stroke of luck, I thought of these three colored brick walls on the morning of the shoot, all between our apartments, which I hadn’t noticed until I started looking at the neighborhood through “photoshoot eyes.”

I can say now that my favorite thing about photographing a sister/model is knowing precisely what was making her laugh in each moment. I would love to do another with both of my sisters one day, when the geographic and timing stars align.

The top photo is what I’m calling my favorite of the outtakes.

A fun day, with lovely results, if I may say so. And my goodness, it was actually sunny! More of that please. Hallelujah.

Nature Inspired Jewelry, ModeledNature Inspired Jewelry, ModeledNature Inspired Jewelry, Modeled

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Today at BUST’s Primped: Pamper Yo’ Self!

Charms Ready for BUST Primped

If you are a New Yorker / Brooklynite trying to decide how to best get outside to enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day, consider coming to BUST’s Craftacular event, Primped. From 11am to 6pm in the Brooklyn Night Bazaar space in Williamsburg (165 Banker Street), for the $3 admission, you can partake in the following:

  • Shopping from 90 vendors of vintage, beauty and generally lovely things
  • Flower crowns
  • Bang trims
  • Eco-friendly make up applications
  • Tarot readings!
  • Portrait photobooth!
  • DIY activities (nail art, etc.)
  • Swag bag for first 300 guests
  • Plus, DJing all day and cocktails and snacks available (outdoor beer garden!)

I’ll be there, at a table nearish to the entrance. Hope to see you there!

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Fresh Beginnings: Springtime and Jewelry

Silver Maple Helicopter NecklaceHello! I’m happy to be making a post here after five months of blog hibernation.

With the official beginning of spring last week, I made a big decision. It is something I could not have done alone (hugs and thank you to my family), but one that feels right: I will now be working on Blue Dot full time, at least for the moment. With more time (and springtime!) ahead, I’m excited to see what I can accomplish.

Supporting myself with jewelry is a milestone I dreamed of reaching, but it was previously difficult to see just when those stars might align. I’m happy and grateful. To each purchaser of my work, and to those who choose to buy the work of any independent artist, I want to say, your choices make a difference! Thank you.

Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on this winter.

This first item was quite special, a custom order of four bronze mandolin bolo ties, the smallest to be a birthday gift for a five year old, with a matching tie for his father, grandfather and great grandfather:

Mandolin Bolo Tie in Silver

Mandolin Bolo Tie in Silver, Modeled

A three dimensional antler necklace:

Silver Antler Necklace, Antiqued

Silver Antler Necklace, Antiqued

A ruby ring, made with a delicate leaf I found in Portland, OR:

Silver Berry Ring, With Ruby

Silver Berry Ring with Ruby

A sputnik urchin necklace, which re-inspired my deep respect for the intricacies of sea life:

Silver Sputnik Urchin Necklace

This little face, made in the likeness of a rabbit named Poe:

Silver Rabbit Necklace

And just recently, this fun commission from my sister for a child she cares for, a three year old girl who loves pink and princesses. That’s a pink sapphire in the center:

Silver Crown Necklace


Also, Lee Havlicek on Handful of Salt magazine wrote this thorough and extremely kind profile of Blue Dot Jewelry that tells a bit about how I work and what Blue Dot is about.

Happy spring wishes to you!

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A Feature on The Little Koo Blog

Thank you so much to the lovely Rachel at The Little Koo Blog for featuring my Etsy shop today. This is part of her Monday series profiling shops and I was thrilled to be asked by her to participate!

I also want to wish her well because she is due with twins any day now. Sending many happy thoughts, Rachel!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.10.56 PM

To read the Q&A, and to learn about other great shops, visit The Little Koo Blog.

Have a great week!

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A Weekend Away in Scituate


One thing I love about using my phone as a camera is that my photos are at my fingertips when I’m in the mood to reminisce. I can quickly escape from the subway back to the middle of our last getaway. With the weather suddenly a good bit cooler, I’m already looking back fondly on our well-enjoyed summer.

These are some moments from our melty-hot, stormy and ultimately restful July weekend in the pretty seaside town of Scituate, MA. As with most good weekends, it was spent with friends, and ended with a new jewelry design 🙂A WEEKEND IN SCITUATE



Before the storm, only a few brave souls were out on the beach. In the distance is the town’s very tall wind turbine.

This is a water tower — can you believe it? You can read here about how a millionaire’s wife asked her husband to “do something about” the view from their estate of a 276,000-gallon water tower, and so in 1902, he revealed its transformation into possibly the prettiest water tower in the world. A WEEKEND IN SCITUATE
A WEEKEND IN SCITUATEThis is The Quarter Deck, a shop I remembered fondly since my last visit (in my teens! oy). Its bright windows are full of baskets of starfish, sand dollars and gemstones, so fun to comb through. It’s a little smaller than I remembered, but that isn’t that how memory sometimes works…


We had a really nice time. We were treated to burgers at the deliciously cheesy Wahlburgers (which has gluten free buns, which will make my day any day) and spent a lot of time catching up with our friends.

Back at home, these are the tiny post earrings I made from my Quarter Deck purchases… fifteen tiny starfish for one dollar, yes please!



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A Walk in Prospect Park (Never Gets Old!)

The long meadow of Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry

Sometimes when we are really busy, I need reminders to stop, put down the jewelry and go outside. I’m always glad for these breaks, and today was a perfect 82 degrees – a shame it would have been to voluntarily stay inside all day!

Somehow, we found parts of the park that looked unfamiliar to me. After a two hour walk that included ice cream (< this place is amazing) I found a few leaves that are now in the kiln with the other more urgent work I had. I cannot help but pick up a beautiful grass seed!

The third photo below shows rings in the making. They are also firing tonight.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelryProspect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry

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A Day at the Met: It’s the Little Things

Met Museum photos

Ceramic (Mina’i ware), Iran, 12th – 13th century AD.

On the Sunday of Mother’s Day we spent a family day (dearly missing one sister) at the Met. I was expecting crowds, but it was pleasant and easy. We made a conscious decision to just take in just a tiny portion of the museum, and I have to say, it was a brilliant move. Just taking in a bit is always better than leaving exhausted, and we left with enough energy to walk through Central Park afterward. Good day!

While trying to not to lag behind too much, I stopped to look at the little things up close. There is some kind of energy coming off of some of these pieces — I imagine the hand crafters who labored over these pieces, and wonder where they were, and what their studios looked like, and how long it took them, and why they were inspired (or required?) to make them just so.

It’s a bit silly to say, but so much of this seems like it would be commercially popular today. Beautiful, classic designs, and of course with that worn look that hasn’t yet gone out of style. Wouldn’t you want something here in your home?

Met Museum photos

Stucco, Mesopotamia, excavated at Ctesiphon, Umm ez-Za’tir, 6th century AD

Met Museum photos

Bronze, whetstone in the form of a stag, Caucasus region, early 1st millenium BC

Met Museum photos

Gold, Central Anatolia, Hittite Empire period, 15th-13th century BC.

Met Museum photos

Silver, gold inlay, vessel terminating in the forepart of a stag. Central Anatolia, Hittite Empire, 15th – 13th century BC.

Met Museum photos

Copper alloy, openwork stamp seals, Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), late 3rd – early 2nd millennium.

Met Museum photos

The Met.

Met Museum photos

Buddha fragment from larger stele. Henan province, Eastern Wei dynasty (535-50), mid-6th century.

Met Museum photos

Bronze mat weight in the shape of a doe. Han dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), 1st century BC – 1ts century AD.

Met Museum photos

Bronze 11-headed Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion. Thailand, Khmer style of Koh Ker in Peninsular Thailand, 10th century.

Met Museum photos

Bronze with silver inlay and traces of gold, kneeling female, Cambodia, Angkor period, Khmer style of the Baphuon, second half of the 11th century. Perhaps a Khmer queen. There are indications that the figure was once completely gilded. Her brows and eyes are hollowed to receive an inlay, perhaps of black glass.

Met Museum photos

Same as above, in detail.

Met Museum photos

Lime containers, Indonesia (Java, Lumajang, Pasiran). [As far as I could tell, this was the proper caption]

Met Museum photos

Painted and gessoed wood. The four sons of Horus, and Anubis. Late Dynastic-Ptolemaic Periods ca. 715 – 30 BC. These deities protect the four organs that wre removed from the body during mummification. Anubis is the god of embalming.

Met Museum photos

Gold, bracelet with spirally twisted strands and Herakles knot at the bezel. 2nd century AD, said to be from lower Egypt.

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A Pinwheel Wedding

Blue Dot Jewelry pinwheel

How sweet is this photo? It was sent to me by the bride, who wore the Blue Dot pinwheel necklace in her summer wedding.

She is so beautiful and they look so happy! See his pinwheel, too?

A couple who pinwheels together stays together… that’s how it goes, right?

Lovely. Congratulations!

Blue Dot Jewelry pinwheelBlue Dot Jewelry pinwheel

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Paper and Illustration

My sisterly pride is showing again! My sister Maura has launched her stationery and print shop and I’d like to point you over there. Her prints and cards are sweet and funny and clever, and I happen to know that the shop will continue to grow and carry new offerings, especially in color.

I will soon offer mini Pig & Pearl cards in my shop for those occasions where a gift card is requested. I am excited about this.

Help me show her some love for making the leap to sharing her work on the Internet!

Pig and Pearl congratulations card

Pig and Pearl thank you cards

Pig and Pearl frog cards

Custom Princess Prints

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Happy Day to Mothers Everywhere!

Is this the truth or what? 🙂 And then I say, hey, whoa, was that me?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms! You give and protect and let go and yet are there when we need you. We couldn’t have done it without you. I hope to be as strong as my own mom, if and when I should become one myself.

The source of this funny truism is here.

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