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A First: Photoshoot with a Model

I am lucky in that I have two sisters. They are two of the most wonderful people I know. One lives up the street from us in Brooklyn, which, considering the size of this city and the independent routes we took to come to be neighbors, is a bit remarkable. It also makes me trés happy.

Which is all to say, when I landed on the idea of a lifestyle photoshoot to highlight some of my designs, my beautiful sister was my go-to model. By a stroke of luck, I thought of these three colored brick walls on the morning of the shoot, all between our apartments, which I hadn’t noticed until I started looking at the neighborhood through “photoshoot eyes.”

I can say now that my favorite thing about photographing a sister/model is knowing precisely what was making her laugh in each moment. I would love to do another with both of my sisters one day, when the geographic and timing stars align.

The top photo is what I’m calling my favorite of the outtakes.

A fun day, with lovely results, if I may say so. And my goodness, it was actually sunny! More of that please. Hallelujah.

Nature Inspired Jewelry, ModeledNature Inspired Jewelry, ModeledNature Inspired Jewelry, Modeled

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Today at BUST’s Primped: Pamper Yo’ Self!

Charms Ready for BUST Primped

If you are a New Yorker / Brooklynite trying to decide how to best get outside to enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day, consider coming to BUST’s Craftacular event, Primped. From 11am to 6pm in the Brooklyn Night Bazaar space in Williamsburg (165 Banker Street), for the $3 admission, you can partake in the following:

  • Shopping from 90 vendors of vintage, beauty and generally lovely things
  • Flower crowns
  • Bang trims
  • Eco-friendly make up applications
  • Tarot readings!
  • Portrait photobooth!
  • DIY activities (nail art, etc.)
  • Swag bag for first 300 guests
  • Plus, DJing all day and cocktails and snacks available (outdoor beer garden!)

I’ll be there, at a table nearish to the entrance. Hope to see you there!

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Anniversary Escape to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

My desire to see Niagara Falls came on rather suddenly. For most of my life, I hadn’t given this natural beauty more than a passing thought. Then one day we talked about it, and I decided I really did want to experience the falls in person.

So for our anniversary we road tripped up to the border, on into Ontario, Canada, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Like any grand spectacle, there is no substitute for standing there next to Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls. It’s loud and churning and endless.

Everyone was a little wet from the mist but charged enough by some unseen powers that our loose hairs were standing on end, like they’d been rubbed by a balloon. We read that these are the negative ions that are said to alleviate stress and depression. It worked for us… go see for yourself! 😉

It was a broody day and the color of the sky and water changed throughout.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

This goofball did this. I’m happy to report that we both survived the day. I may worry too much.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

This was one of my favorite vantage points, seeing the water picking up momentum.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

After the falls we visited Niagara’s Botanical Gardens. These beds pictured are full of edibles like thyme, mint and lavender. A School of Horticulture building is off to the left, along with beds of kale, artichoke, cabbage and brussels sprouts. I looked for potential jewelry bits and pieces but the end of the growing season is arriving and things were pretty ragged up close. As a garden though, we were so impressed with the care and variety within.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

On the grounds of the garden is a beautiful Butterfly Conservatory. We settled on this as part of our weekend after reading reviews, and it actually was so fun. There are 45 species of butterflies, clearly well cared for, in a pleasantly landscaped tropical environment with a pond and a waterfall. I chased them with my camera (gracefully and delicately) and managed a few close-ups.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

And I nearly forgot to mention our friend. I’m not sure why I was so excited that this guy wanted to stay and hang out, but I insisted on photos. Must have been the ions.

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

Happy anniversary to my sweet, supportive, kind and generous honey!

Niagara Falls by Blue Dot Jewelry

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Hello Fall. Silver Looks Good on You.

Hello! So many things are new at Blue Dot after a summer of making, planning and growing. (See above: making!) I thought I’d stop for a moment to review and share all the changes.

It’s been a big six months. In that time I’ve partnered with stores in two new states — all of them lovely independent boutiques run by creative, interesting and hard working people. One of these states is my native Oregon — an especially proud development because, well, I love Oregon. Each shop is quite different from the others and working with them has been a learning experience and a joy.

Blue Dot is now also in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s gift store, just up the street from us. That was a wonderful full-circle moment because so many of my designs had their start in the garden. Here are a few of those pieces.

Blue Dot at Brooklyn Botanic Garden gift shop.

Blue Dot at Brooklyn Botanic Garden gift shop.

Currently I am gearing up for the Greenport Maritime Festival this weekend. It’s a three-day outdoor party, so I have an eye on the weather predictions, but I think we’ll be warm and dry enough to enjoy seaside treats (scallops for me please!), North Fork vino, live music and the work by all the arts and crafters who will be there. For some reason, too, I have this idea that sea-themed events are implicitly happy, and knowing that is what’s at the end of this week of prep is making me whistle as I work. And knowing that 40,000 visitors attended this event last year is pumping me up. If you’ll be there, look for the Blue Dot table and say hello!

I’m also looking forward to finally visiting a wonderful store I’ve been working with in Greenport called The White Weathered Barn. The proprietor and her husband make a significant amount of their store’s inventory — that’s kind of a dream for me. And they are rocking it. Here is some of my sea-themed silver in their shop.

Blue Dot at The White Weathered Barn

Blue Dot at The White Weathered Barn

I’m also working with a new online shop that I would like to point you to. Their website is beautiful and their company culture seems really nice. Maybe it’s that famous Canadian love? Meet Fairgoods. They did such a nice write up about Blue Dot Jewelry. It also features my face as big as I’ve ever seen it online. Hello!

My face on Fairgoods.

My face on Fairgoods.

I also love being a part of the very southern-and-loving-it Bourbon & Boots. Here are a few of my pieces, as photographed by their talented selves.

Blue Dot at Bourbon & Boots

Blue Dot at Bourbon & Boots

And for good measure, a bunch of post earrings out in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with the shop owner’s sweet note on her Facebook page.

"A sampling of her earrings. I love them all....I may have to buy all of them!"

“A sampling of her earrings. I love them all….I may have to buy all of them!”

I’m so grateful for all of these opportunities. We know that positivity is contagious, and I think in many ways the same goes for the creativity. The people I’ve been meeting are making this jewelry adventure exponentially more rewarding.

This coming Sunday will find me on Main Street in Greenport, so I’ll say now, happy fall, officially, almost! Time for blankets, tea and sweaters.

Excuse me while I go warm up by the heat of my kiln 🙂

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Crab Claw Necklace: Gifting with Purpose

I’d like to share with you a thoughtful post from The Righteous Knife on giving gifts from the heart, and remembering that it is, ultimately and certainly, the thought that counts.

I’m feeling lucky that the author, Alicia, took a fancy to my crab claw necklace, which she spotted at The White Weathered Barn on the North Fork and mentioned in her post.

We will all need good gift ideas sooner or later, including on a budget. Read Alicia’s post here!

Blue Dot Jewelry’s Crab Claw Necklace, with other gifts for sale in the North Fork area. I have my eye on those custom spreaders.

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Blue Dot is in a Contest – Your Vote Would Mean the World!

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot JewelryHello hello! My twig stacking rings are in the running for the UncommonGoods Jewelry Design Challenge! I would so appreciate your vote. Here is the link.

Each person can vote just once by July 16. Each vote is valuable! A million times, thank you.

The winning design will score a vendor contract with UncommonGoods. (How great!) There are some other beautiful designs there too – check them all out.

UncommonGoods is a neat place. As a shopping site they focus on handmade and sustainability. When they are considering offering new items for sale, they often let their shoppers vote, just like in this contest. It’s very community oriented. And they won’t sell leather, feathers or fur.

Thanks for your support! Here are some more photos.

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot Jewelry Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot Jewelry

For fun, I took photos of the batch I sent to Greenport on Monday:

Twig Stacking Rings

Twig Stacking Rings

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Hardest Hike I’ve Ever Done

Breakneck RidgeI’m not an avid hiker, for the record. I do like long nature walks, but usually the horizontal variety. This is different. Breakneck Ridge is so steep and rocky in parts that you have to consider the next several spots you’ll place your feet before taking another step. You have to consider your route up, and often it involved, for me, finding handholds, too. But it also means you have route options, so each time we’ve gone up it’s felt like a slightly different hike, and variety helps motivate!

Yesterday was hot — I know some of you felt this, too. But the view there of the Hudson River is spectacular, and that’s the reason to keep climbing.

Cold Spring turquoiseFor those of you in the NYC area, this hike is between Beacon and Cold Spring, lovely towns. We’re especially fond of the latter’s Main Street (and its abundant antique stores).

I only collected a few leaves for making jewelry — I needed my hands for other things! — but afterward I bought a pretty little piece of turquoise at this great Cold Spring bead store.

I hope you had a safe, happy Fourth!

Breakneck Ridge

View from Breakneck Ridge

View from Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck view

I love you to the moon and back, at Breakneck Ridge

We saw this little gem on a table outside an antique store on Main Street, Cold Spring:

Vintage photos for sale in Cold Spring

And this, too:

Flowers in Cold Spring

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One-of-a-Kind Leaves

Long Leaf Pendant by Blue Dot JewelryAlthough these were made for the craft fair last weekend, I wanted to photograph them for my records, and to share with you.

They were made from different leaves than I’d ever used before, and I sure wish I could say what species they are, but they were so varied that I had an overwhelming appreciation – again! – for how diverse the creations of nature are.

These were all collected on one walk!

Pear Shaped Leaf by Blue Dot Jewelry

Leaf Pendant by Blue Dot Jewelry

Tiny Leaf, Sparky Chain by Blue Dot Jewelry

Tiny Leaf Posts by Blue Dot Jewelry

Lined Leaf by Blue Dot Jewelry

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Grass Seed and Lily Pad Rings

Grass Seed Ring by Blue Dot Jewelry

This new band is made from grass seed I collected on our walk in Prospect Park last weekend. It’s like a tiny crown! I love that it looks delicate and organic, but yet calls to mind the lines of the deco era.

I will also use the grass seed to make long straight earrings.

Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry

I collected one leaf that just didn’t really work as a pendant. I love its heart shape, but the design wasn’t working with a chain.

So it became a Lily Pad Ring, and currently will be available as a one-of-a kind. It’s easily the largest piece I’ve made and wearing it is fun!

Blue Dot Jewelry Lilypad Ring

Blue Dot Jewelry Lilypad Ring band

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See You at The Renegade Craft Fair!

Blue Dot Jewelry at Renegade Craft Fair

See the Blue Dot nature rings there in the middle? Woo!

I’m thrilled about being a participant in this summer’s Renegade Craft Fair, one week from today on the Williamsburg waterfront. We’re there Saturday and Sunday – I’m going to have to sit on my hands to keep from excessively shopping.

I’ve even had a banner made with the Blue Dot logo. Finally. I feel like it’s the most official business thing I’ve done, because it’s just pretty and vinyl and real. I want to hang it in our living room where I can see it, for the moment anyway. (My husband doesn’t know this yet. Hi honey!)

This weekend there will be 300 vendors, food, music and views of the city. Come out and say hi! Look for our tent and banner!

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn Banner

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