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Custom Orders are the Spice of Life

ab cufflinks and tie clip

That is a bit of an overstatement, truthfully. But I have been quite enjoying the new and varied projects coming across my desk lately.

Custom projects often come with a story, too, and I find that knowing them — where a piece is going, for which ceremony or celebration it will be gifted — adds a little more sentiment and a different kind of meaning to my work.

Some of my recent custom projects have included “firsts” — such as my first tie bar. This set above, with matching cufflinks, will be a wedding gift from a sister to her twin to her brother, who will be married this month.

Below is a tiny pinwheel necklace with a little handle, to be a birthday gift for a 12 year old.

Pinwheel Necklace by Blue Dot Jewelry

A set of single helicopter pendants for the wife and mother of a helicopter pilot. (This design will also now be a permanent item in the shop.)

Single Helicopter Necklace by Blue Dot Jewelry

And cufflinks, which were a gift for a good friend on his 80th birthday.

Custom Cufflinks by Blue Dot Jewelry

If you ever have custom jewelry ideas, I’m happy to hear from you, at

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Sugar Skull Cufflinks

Day of the Dead CufflinksThis has been one of my favorite projects of the year. Tiny Día de los Muertos cufflinks, each the size of a dime.

These will be a wedding gift between friends, for the groom to wear on his big day!

Day of the Dead cufflinks by Blue Dot Jewelry

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A Pinwheel Wedding

Blue Dot Jewelry pinwheel

How sweet is this photo? It was sent to me by the bride, who wore the Blue Dot pinwheel necklace in her summer wedding.

She is so beautiful and they look so happy! See his pinwheel, too?

A couple who pinwheels together stays together… that’s how it goes, right?

Lovely. Congratulations!

Blue Dot Jewelry pinwheelBlue Dot Jewelry pinwheel

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B’s Bee Necklace Found!

B's Blue Dot necklace

One happy story of Christmas was being able to reunite my sister with her Blue Dot necklace. It went missing on the day of my wedding, was rescued afterward at the venue, and now she’s back wearing it every day. With a little luck!

I took a snap before returning it. ♥

Happy New Year!

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Mooning with My Honey in Kauai … A Few Photos of Paradise

We got married! And we spent a week in Kauai! Both experiences were more than we imagined they could be. Our wedding was a sincerely special day, the highlights of which are still washing over us. As so many people warned us, the day did go too fast. We would have liked hours more to spend with our friends and family. But we loved it. And the help of many people made it true. And now… we’re married. How about that.

This is neither a blog about marriage or travel, but our week on Kauai was so beautiful and adventureful that I wanted to share a few photos. (A few turned into quite a few, forgive me.)

This island, the oldest and fourth largest of Hawaii, is a diverse spot. The center of the island is one of the wettest places on Earth. On nearly every beach we found, the view across the bay or at our backs was one of leafy, sheer cliffs or tall green peaks shrouded in mist. (Before you go, I recommend watching Jurassic Park! I’m glad I did.) One fun part is the chickens — they are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Hurricane Iniki, a devastation that slammed Kauai in 1992, scattered the chickens across the island and they appear to have done very well as wild critters.

(On a teensy note about jewelry, I’m excited to create some of the Pacific-inspired designs bouncing around my head. A week away from the work desk might just be the best thing for creativity.)


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I Made Cufflinks for My Groom

I have a groom! Now my groom has cufflinks! Holy moly we’re getting married in five days!

I’m happy to say I’ve finished these in time for my handsome hubs-to-be to wear down the aisle. Bonus: He loves them!

As he pointed out, it’s the first time he’ll wear jewelry a la Blue Dot. Oh, why yes it is.

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Heart Shaped Wildflower Seed Surprise

For our wedding favors, we’ve assembled little jars of wildflower honey (from Portland) and tiny corked vials of wildflower seeds. Honey and seeds — a symbolic circle of life! Much more symbolic than literal, considering the 20-seed capacity of the vials. Yes, I definitely miscalculated what a 1mL jar would look like, so it’s fortunate that minuscule things are just plain cute.

My dearest was in charge of filling the little vials and corking them up. I came home from work to find the scene above on the table. Definitely a keeper, this one.

Tiny adorable vials:


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Happy Bride, Happy Me

I received an email recently that made me do a happy dance. It was from a friend-turned-customer, for whom I’d made a silver sunflower pendant, which was to be a wedding gift for her best friend. The bride planned to carry a bouquet with a sunflower in the center. Beautiful!

The pendant was a good size, so it needed to be thin in order to not be too heavy, and that meant careful, close work. Technically speaking, I’d never made a piece with quite so many parts that needed to be assembled and reinforced.

In the end it was unmistakably a sunflower and pleasantly asymmetrical as requested, but it’s not my opinion that counts, ultimately, on custom orders. I always hope to please, but this was so, so happy to hear!

She absolutely loved it — so much that she wrapped it around her bouquet when she walked down the aisle. As soon as I have a picture (the photographer took one) I’ll send you a copy. Thanks again. You really helped me make a very special gift for my best friend bride.

This is what it’s all about. Woohoo!

Sunflower pendant on the bouquet

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Honey, Bees and Apples

Wedding honey

I’m thinking about honey today. I’ve just finished filling 100 little jars of honey for our wedding, which was a fun and sticky process. My mom found and shipped the honey from Portland so that we can have a sweet bit of Portland (in addition to my beautiful friends and family) at the event. The wedding will be so Brooklyn-filled otherwise, she pointed out. True, true! The woman who sold it to her was a little horrified at the prospect of us filling these mini jars by ourselves, so she gave my mom the tip that we should use a syrup serving container (like the ones found in a diner) and it worked quite well. It would have been a much more horrifyingly honey-covered project without that tool. The next step is to top the jars with bits of fabric and tie them with tags. I’ll post a photo of the finished product.

I also have bees on my mind because these were my project last night. I sell more of them in the fall than any other time.

Blue Dot Hive & Bee necklace

It makes sense, as bees remind me of autumn, apple picking and apple cider — hard or otherwise! You too? I’m glad this time of year has arrived. I’m ready for hunkering down inside with a sweater and hot mug of tea while rain beats against the windows. Reminds me of the Portland of my childhood.

Just a few more photos. These are from when we went apple picking last year at the lovely upstate Applewood Orchards. We’re itching to go back. How peaceful their farm is. They have cider, honey, local produce, pumpkins and goats!

Applewood Orchards

Apple picking at Applewood

Last one

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