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A Walk in Prospect Park (Never Gets Old!)

The long meadow of Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry

Sometimes when we are really busy, I need reminders to stop, put down the jewelry and go outside. I’m always glad for these breaks, and today was a perfect 82 degrees – a shame it would have been to voluntarily stay inside all day!

Somehow, we found parts of the park that looked unfamiliar to me. After a two hour walk that included ice cream (< this place is amazing) I found a few leaves that are now in the kiln with the other more urgent work I had. I cannot help but pick up a beautiful grass seed!

The third photo below shows rings in the making. They are also firing tonight.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelryProspect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry Prospect Park Brooklyn by BlueDotJewelry

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A Day at the Met: It’s the Little Things

Met Museum photos

Ceramic (Mina’i ware), Iran, 12th – 13th century AD.

On the Sunday of Mother’s Day we spent a family day (dearly missing one sister) at the Met. I was expecting crowds, but it was pleasant and easy. We made a conscious decision to just take in just a tiny portion of the museum, and I have to say, it was a brilliant move. Just taking in a bit is always better than leaving exhausted, and we left with enough energy to walk through Central Park afterward. Good day!

While trying to not to lag behind too much, I stopped to look at the little things up close. There is some kind of energy coming off of some of these pieces — I imagine the hand crafters who labored over these pieces, and wonder where they were, and what their studios looked like, and how long it took them, and why they were inspired (or required?) to make them just so.

It’s a bit silly to say, but so much of this seems like it would be commercially popular today. Beautiful, classic designs, and of course with that worn look that hasn’t yet gone out of style. Wouldn’t you want something here in your home?

Met Museum photos

Stucco, Mesopotamia, excavated at Ctesiphon, Umm ez-Za’tir, 6th century AD

Met Museum photos

Bronze, whetstone in the form of a stag, Caucasus region, early 1st millenium BC

Met Museum photos

Gold, Central Anatolia, Hittite Empire period, 15th-13th century BC.

Met Museum photos

Silver, gold inlay, vessel terminating in the forepart of a stag. Central Anatolia, Hittite Empire, 15th – 13th century BC.

Met Museum photos

Copper alloy, openwork stamp seals, Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), late 3rd – early 2nd millennium.

Met Museum photos

The Met.

Met Museum photos

Buddha fragment from larger stele. Henan province, Eastern Wei dynasty (535-50), mid-6th century.

Met Museum photos

Bronze mat weight in the shape of a doe. Han dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), 1st century BC – 1ts century AD.

Met Museum photos

Bronze 11-headed Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion. Thailand, Khmer style of Koh Ker in Peninsular Thailand, 10th century.

Met Museum photos

Bronze with silver inlay and traces of gold, kneeling female, Cambodia, Angkor period, Khmer style of the Baphuon, second half of the 11th century. Perhaps a Khmer queen. There are indications that the figure was once completely gilded. Her brows and eyes are hollowed to receive an inlay, perhaps of black glass.

Met Museum photos

Same as above, in detail.

Met Museum photos

Lime containers, Indonesia (Java, Lumajang, Pasiran). [As far as I could tell, this was the proper caption]

Met Museum photos

Painted and gessoed wood. The four sons of Horus, and Anubis. Late Dynastic-Ptolemaic Periods ca. 715 – 30 BC. These deities protect the four organs that wre removed from the body during mummification. Anubis is the god of embalming.

Met Museum photos

Gold, bracelet with spirally twisted strands and Herakles knot at the bezel. 2nd century AD, said to be from lower Egypt.

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Paper and Illustration

My sisterly pride is showing again! My sister Maura has launched her stationery and print shop and I’d like to point you over there. Her prints and cards are sweet and funny and clever, and I happen to know that the shop will continue to grow and carry new offerings, especially in color.

I will soon offer mini Pig & Pearl cards in my shop for those occasions where a gift card is requested. I am excited about this.

Help me show her some love for making the leap to sharing her work on the Internet!

Pig and Pearl congratulations card

Pig and Pearl thank you cards

Pig and Pearl frog cards

Custom Princess Prints

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Artists and Fleas, Spring Edition

We’re back at Artists and Fleas this weekend. And it’s a beautiful day! Thank you to Nina of Studio – 842 for the photo.

I just realized that we’re a block from Smorgasburg. The perfect place to fuel up for your Mother’s Day shopping! 😉

Here’s the view from my spot.

Two update photos from the weekend – shark tooth necklaces going to happy homes. The second necklace is going to accompany its owner surfing in the Caribbean. That shark tooth will see some things!

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These Blossoms!

Sakura by Blue Dot Jewelry

Every morning when I step out of our Brooklyn building I feel uplifted by the sight of crisp, pink cherry blossoms. They are so pretty, and they bloomed so fast. I think I’m still adjusting to not seeing bare, winter-esque branches. I really would love to be weightless for just a minute to roll around in these petals.

I think I said this last part out loud to my husband, and he may have given me “whatever floats your boat” side eyes. Yes, yes. I’ll keep dreaming!

This photo is of a different tree, near the fountain in City Hall Park. As I took it, I heard someone say, Look at the beautiful sakura! And his friend replied, Exquisite!


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Kids and Cows at Rockland Living Museum

We spent a quiet day with new friends in Nyack on Sunday, a half hour drive up the Hudson out of the city. It was fun to learn how diverse and creative the Nyack community is. Their public library is beautiful! I wanted to take an hour or five and curl up in a cozy chair with a book, any book, so I could sit in front of the picture windows overlooking the river.

The RLM was having an opening, and the many kids there were loving running circles through the funky sculpture garden. (See the giant snowball attack about to happen in the background?) I’m not sure of the symbolism of the cows, but they were hard to miss!

I hope you are all finding your way through this week after daylight savings. I feel like I’ve been more affected by it this year than in years past. Blink blink, I swear I’m listening. Not quite, but almost. What is the reasoning for the change, again?

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All Dressed Up and Staying In: Photoshoot!

And by dressed up, I mean cleaned up my work desk to a level it rarely sees to prepare it for its moment in the limelight!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming in a team from Wix.com, who came to document the work life of a real Wix user… yours truly! I built BlueDotJewelry.com using Wix and they picked it out of the bunch for a feature (and I’m under no obligation to say this, but they made website building easy).

The crew was over from Israel for the week (it’s an Israel-based company) and they were as sweet and professional as can be. I know they’ll do a wonderful job in presenting this series, and I’m grateful for an opportunity so out of the ordinary!

In all the hubbub I forgot to turn a camera back on them, the stylish crew bundled in my studio, so instead this is a photo of my workspace the next morning, only slightly more cluttered than it had been.

I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend, Deborah of The Food Yogi, for being part of the day here with us. Time spent with her is a treat!

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Upstate Appleversary, With a Pooey Ending, but That Happens Sometimes

We’ve been making a concerted effort to not let our stress best us, and our method has been to close our computers and go outside. Yesterday we undertook our annual apple picking anniversary adventure. We asked the Internet which local apple orchard would be fun for this weekend and settled on Lawrence Farms Orchards in Newburgh, NY.

The drive up in the Zipcar convertible was a little chillier than last year (please fall, stay warm until our wedding!), but the farm itself was charming and sunny, and quite popular. This place has regulars. Bunches and bunches of kids in bouncing red wagons (cleverly rented out by the farm). They have corn, cabbage and many varieties of apples, although by this weekend there were already several rows of trees with no fruit left.

We ventured off away from the crowds, and as it turned out, the venturing about was our favorite part of the farm. The grounds are quite attractive. The farm is on a hill above a valley that can be properly described as sloped and sweeping. The Hudson River is just below out of sight and we agreed the hills on the farm itself would be perfect for sledding.

Because we had trouble finding what was left of the u-pick apples, we wound up doing some off-road picking.

There was an abundance of non-cultivated plant life.

Arthur kindly helped a little girl who wanted one particular shiny red apple that was more or less in the middle of a tree. It was difficult, and there were thorns. What a guy.

There was a split pea soup lake! (filled with bobbing apples!).

There had been deer.

They also have u-pick purple grapes. Concord grapes taste so… purple. Frankly, they were a little icky, much too snotty in texture for my liking. A good taste in the skins, though.

I wore my new leaf earrings for the day and am happy to report that they are convertible-proof. Leaf earrings coming soon to the shop!

And… just before we turned for home, two hours out, the convertible top broke in the down position! After failing to fix it, we drove back to Brooklyn as the sun was setting, in the wind, with the car dinging that the roof was loose whenever we were moving over 20 miles per hour. Which was almost the whole way. We cranked the seat warmers and huddled behind the windshield and listened to scratchy rock stations as loud as possible to drown out the dinging. What a test of patience! And we arrived pretty much ok. Ain’t that love 🙂 Happy two years honey!

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