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Crab Claw Necklace: Gifting with Purpose

I’d like to share with you a thoughtful post from The Righteous Knife on giving gifts from the heart, and remembering that it is, ultimately and certainly, the thought that counts.

I’m feeling lucky that the author, Alicia, took a fancy to my crab claw necklace, which she spotted at The White Weathered Barn on the North Fork and mentioned in her post.

We will all need good gift ideas sooner or later, including on a budget. Read Alicia’s post here!

Blue Dot Jewelry’s Crab Claw Necklace, with other gifts for sale in the North Fork area. I have my eye on those custom spreaders.

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Blue Dot is in a Contest – Your Vote Would Mean the World!

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot JewelryHello hello! My twig stacking rings are in the running for the UncommonGoods Jewelry Design Challenge! I would so appreciate your vote. Here is the link.

Each person can vote just once by July 16. Each vote is valuable! A million times, thank you.

The winning design will score a vendor contract with UncommonGoods. (How great!) There are some other beautiful designs there too – check them all out.

UncommonGoods is a neat place. As a shopping site they focus on handmade and sustainability. When they are considering offering new items for sale, they often let their shoppers vote, just like in this contest. It’s very community oriented. And they won’t sell leather, feathers or fur.

Thanks for your support! Here are some more photos.

Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot Jewelry Twig Stacking Rings by Blue Dot Jewelry

For fun, I took photos of the batch I sent to Greenport on Monday:

Twig Stacking Rings

Twig Stacking Rings

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See You at The Renegade Craft Fair!

Blue Dot Jewelry at Renegade Craft Fair

See the Blue Dot nature rings there in the middle? Woo!

I’m thrilled about being a participant in this summer’s Renegade Craft Fair, one week from today on the Williamsburg waterfront. We’re there Saturday and Sunday – I’m going to have to sit on my hands to keep from excessively shopping.

I’ve even had a banner made with the Blue Dot logo. Finally. I feel like it’s the most official business thing I’ve done, because it’s just pretty and vinyl and real. I want to hang it in our living room where I can see it, for the moment anyway. (My husband doesn’t know this yet. Hi honey!)

This weekend there will be 300 vendors, food, music and views of the city. Come out and say hi! Look for our tent and banner!

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn Banner

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Paper and Illustration

My sisterly pride is showing again! My sister Maura has launched her stationery and print shop and I’d like to point you over there. Her prints and cards are sweet and funny and clever, and I happen to know that the shop will continue to grow and carry new offerings, especially in color.

I will soon offer mini Pig & Pearl cards in my shop for those occasions where a gift card is requested. I am excited about this.

Help me show her some love for making the leap to sharing her work on the Internet!

Pig and Pearl congratulations card

Pig and Pearl thank you cards

Pig and Pearl frog cards

Custom Princess Prints

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Artists and Fleas, Spring Edition

We’re back at Artists and Fleas this weekend. And it’s a beautiful day! Thank you to Nina of Studio – 842 for the photo.

I just realized that we’re a block from Smorgasburg. The perfect place to fuel up for your Mother’s Day shopping! 😉

Here’s the view from my spot.

Two update photos from the weekend – shark tooth necklaces going to happy homes. The second necklace is going to accompany its owner surfing in the Caribbean. That shark tooth will see some things!

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A Post for Pinwheel Posts

Blue Dot Jewelry pinwheel earrings made of silver. As seems so appropriate for spring, I have at long last created earrings to match the pinwheel necklace. This necklace was one of my first designs, and now it’s a complete set. These catch the light in a wonderful way.

With these in your ears, who knows where the wind might take you? 😉

And happy MAY! May this month be more full of flowers than showers…

Blue Dot Jewelry Pinwheel Post Earrings2 sm

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Blue Dot Loves Fuego 718

20130426-200523.jpgI went to visit Fuego 718 on Friday. There is Blue Dot Jewelry, and beautifully displayed!

For New Yorkers… this is an A-MAZING store in Williamsburg full of gifts from around the world. It’s the kind of place where you are almost guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list. The store is almost 10 years old and it shows – there are things on every level including hanging from the ceiling across the front half of the store. As you move to the back, it becomes a little more tranquil, with marvelous books and paper goods, and whimsical funny things I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s a good place to shop for someone when you’re not quite sure what you are looking for.


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The Charlotte Rings

Blue Dot Stone Ring; Custom silver jewelry, rings made of natureThis weekend I’ve been working on deliveries for two Brooklyn stores that will soon carry Blue Dot Jewelry. I admire both of these stores very much and am so excited to be included. Both are destinations for gift buying in their respective neighborhoods and full of handmade beauties. More on this to come.

In addition to the above projects, I also sat down with my Charlotte finds, eager to turn my visions into reality. I present to you the Charlotte rings!Blue Dot Stone Ring; Silver rings made from nature Blue Dot Jewelry Stone Ring; Rings made of stones Blue Dot Stone Ring Blue Dot Stone Ring

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Nature in the City: The First Leaf Ring is Here!

As I’ve mentioned, I am developing a line of rings for Blue Dot. I’d like to introduce you to the first – the Woodside Leaf Ring, all silver and made from a real leaf. It’s available in size 6, although I can make it to any half or whole sizes.

I wore this ring into the city yesterday. I loved seeing the bit of nature sparkle on my hand (it does catch the light so nicely) amid the grey, grey cityscape of lower Manhattan. Nature in the city – we find little ways to make it work!

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Spring Means Rings! (Say That Ten Times Fast)

I’m making RINGS today! Can’t wait to share these new designs.

Here’s a peek of what’s on my desk…Blue Dot Jewelry work desk

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